Portrait Commissions 2004 - 2020  
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Portrait Commissions can be painted from life and finished off from photographs or painted entirely from photographs. At the end of this page, more on how the process works when commissioning a portrait.
Pricing Options are listed below, but may vary, depending on the level of finish and size of the painting. My contact details or the contact form are all at the bottom of the page.
Option 1:
Portrait Drawing in Pencil, pastel or charcoal, size A4 - A3:
One figure, head and shoulders  £76. £70 per extra figure. Examples below.
pastel portrait. bay portrait. child portrait commission. pastel painting.
Graphite Drawing Child.jpg
Option 2:
Oil Paint portrait sketch, size A4 - A3:
One figure, head and shoulders  £250. £145 per extra person. Examples below.
Portrait Nurse Covid Instagram NHS
Portrait boy aged 12. Oil on Cavas. Contemporary portraiture. Child Portrait. Portraitpaitg. Figurative painting. Inge du Plessis
Portrait young girl
Option 3:
Oil Paint Portrait, size A2  (42.0 x 59.4cm/ 16.53 x 23.39 inches) to
A1 (59 x 84 cm / 23.4 x 33.1 inches).
One figure, head and shoulders starting from £450 depending on level of detail and size. Examples below. Some examples below painted live during semifinals and finals of Portrait Artist of the Year 2020.
Portrait Artist of the Year finalists Tini Tempa. Rapper portrait
Portrait Artist of the year 2020 Finalist. Artist of the Year. Portrait Painting.Famous Portraits. Contemporary painting
portrait painting woman. portrait commission. figurative ainting
 Portrait Commission OIl painting Contemporary portrait
Moira Portrait.jpg
Option 4:
Oil Paint Portrait, Highly Detailed. Example size below: 1m x 76 cm / 39 x 30 inches.
Sizes between A4 and above size.
One figure, head and shoulders starting from £650 depending on detail and size. Examples below. 
Other Commissions: 
Paintings of Pets, Landscapes, Architecture and other commissions are also undertaken. Please feel free to contact me to discuss what you would like to have painted.
Urban landscape art painting, realistic , landscape in oil, cityscape, painting Spanish village
London cityscape painting Oil on Canvas, Thames Painting, Landscape urban
How will the portrait commission will work:
First we will have a conversation about what you would like - who will be painted; is it for a special occasion; will it be a relatively traditional portrait or more contemporary. Perhaps you have something specific in mind. You will tell me a little more about the sitter/s, or yourself if I am painting you, as that really helps inform my painting. 
Next, we will need to decide on the reference photos (as, with Covid-19, I will not be able to paint from life or take the photos myself.) For more than one sitter, they will have to be photographed together, rather than trying to work from separate photos. Once we have agreed on the image,  I will give you an official quote, including the cost of shipping, if that is required. There will be a 30% deposit to pay to cover materials and time.
Once I start the painting, I will keep you informed and, if you want to have visual updates, share these with you. Some clients prefer to wait for the finished painting.
Once the painting is done, you will have to allow between 4 days to 2 weeks for the painting to be touch dry for delivery or shipping.
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