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Portrait Commissions 2004 - 2019
Portrait Commissions can be painted from life and finished off from photographs or painted entirely from photographs.
As seen below, prices may vary, depending on the level of finish and size of the painting. Style could also be adapted - from a more traditional portrait pose to a looser, paint sketch with simpler background.
 Portrait Commission OIl painting Contemporary portrait

OIL ON BOARD, 35 X 35 CM, Portrait sketch Completed 2004, £200

ACRYLIC + OIL ON CANVAS, 40 X 30 CM (A3), Portrait Sketch, £200

OIL ON CANVAS, 50 X 40 CM, £300

 Portrait Commission OIl painting Contemporary portrait

OIL ON CANVAS, 50 X 35 CM, (COMPLETED 2004) £300

Ben Okri, Poet and Author and previous winner of Booker Prize - for Portrait Artist of the Year 2017.
I will be featuring again in the new series of Portrait Artist of the Year, starting early 2020.
Urban landscape art painting, realistic , landscape in oil, cityscape, painting Spanish village
Other Commissions
A3 SIZED, OIL ON CANVAS, (Landscapes, animals etc.)
Prices of examples vary between £220 - £280.
Other sizes, negotiable.
London cityscape painting Oil on Canvas, Thames Painting, Landscape urban
Family Groups
Example below: 1m x 50cm, 5 Figures, Oil on Canvas.  £670
Contact  Inge du Plessis about a commission: